Stichting Kinderhulp Indonesië


"The Indonesian Children's Welfare Foundation (SKI) is committed to underprivileged children in desas around the city of Yogyakarta in Central Java."


"Do you feel involved in the socio-political situation of the population in indonese and would you like to donate?"

Become a sponsor

No overhead - 100% for the childrenin the desa´s. 100% of the funds received from gifts and sponsors go straight to the projects for children in Indonesia.

All travel and lodging expenses incurred by the members of the foundations' board, while visiting the projects in Indonesia, will be paid out of their own pockets.

Stichting Kinderhulp Indonesië will inform its sponsors every year about its activities in Indonesia and about the spending
of their donations.

Moreover the website of S.K.I. will be permanently updated with the latest information about the projects and the progress that is made in the plans.

In this way the foundation will account for the spending of the received funds and will provide a transparent overview of donations made to its projects.

How can you help?

With relatively little money a lot can be done in Indonesia. For example, the sum of € 70 enables a child to go to school for a whole year and this includes the cost of school uniforms, shoes and schoolbooks.

If you would like to support the work of S.K.I., we kindly invite you to make a 'tax deductible' donation payable to:

       Stichting Kinderhulp Indonesië
       SWIFT-code: RABONL2U
       IBAN number: NL84 RABO 0344 7986 23

Of course we also very much appreciate receiving any suggestions, which may help to raise, further funds for S.K.I.! 

More information?

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