Stichting Kinderhulp Indonesië


"The Indonesian Children's Welfare Foundation (SKI) is committed to underprivileged children in desas around the city of Yogyakarta in Central Java."


"Do you feel involved in the socio-political situation of the population in indonese and would you like to donate?"

How Stichting Kinderhulp Indonesië helps the children

The desas (villages) around Yogyakarta suffer from drought for most of the year. These droughts are economically devastating.

About 35% of all parents are unable to buy their children's schoolbooks or uniforms. These uniforms are obligatory and are meant to eliminate visible class differences - at least at the schools. However, the lack of money means that sometimes children are kept at home. In principle, the wearing of school uniforms is mandatory so as to wipe out visible distinctions between rich and poor, but if there is no other option, children will be admitted even without school uniforms.

The same applies if parents are unable to pay for tuition. Still, this is a difficult situation, not only for quite a few parents but especially for their children, who will feel less 'equal' with no uniform or wearing some fellow pupil's worn out hand-me-downs. So, they often have no objection against being kept at home, where they can help supporting their families. S.K.I. helps by raising money for them to buy schoolbooks and uniforms. 

Teaching tools at school

In addition, many schools experience a lack of teaching materials like maps, textbooks or administrative aids, as well as the equipment needed for recreational activities and sports. S.K.I. supports the purchase of these items.


Sanitary provisions and water supply

The water and plumbing facilities in the schools are another major area of concern.
As there is little or no (affordable) running water in the desas, the schools have to use 'dry' toilets - there is no running water for flushing toilets or cleaning hands.



Often, there are no (lockable) doors. This is especially distressing for the girls. As a consequence of all this, children are forced to relieve themselves in the bush-bush and are deprived of basic, normal hygiene. Situations like these are  unhygienic and they are socially undesirable. This is why the lion's share of our aid has gone into providing schools with proper toilets and water supply systems, creating a more acceptable and hygienic environment for a large group of children. In this way we also help the United Nations to realize their chosen Millennium Development Goals.

S.K.I. supports the schools with building sufficient and proper toilets.

New Toilets

Most of the schools have no wells to raise groundwater, nor storage facilities for rainwater collected off the school roofs, by means of gutters, during the wet season (five to seven months per year), which may then be used during the dry season.

In fact, nearly all of the schools go without such facilities. Water delivered by trucks may be bought, but the schools usually lack the necessary funds or storage facility .

S.K.I. supports the schools with building water-reservoirs and/or digging wells

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