Stichting Kinderhulp Indonesië


"The Indonesian Children's Welfare Foundation (SKI) is committed to underprivileged children in desas around the city of Yogyakarta in Central Java."


"Do you feel involved in the socio-political situation of the population in indonese and would you like to donate?"

Partners in Indonesia

Yayasan Puri Anak Harapan (YPAH)

'Puri Bahasa Indonesia' is a reputable language institute in Yogyakarta on Java, recommended by Unicef. Dra. Ningsih and Drs. Unang Liesanggoro - the founders of this institute – have offered their help to S.K.I. as volunteers. Together with this couple, S.K.I. has established a 'sister' foundation with the name of 'Yayasan Puri Anak Harapan' (YPAH).

This foundation functions as an executing organization on behalf of S.K.I. The name of this foundation, literally translated, means: 'Foundation Temple of Hope for Children'.

Project co-ordination and expenditure control 

YPAH has made an understanding with the schools that the tuition fees – paid for the poorest children in the desa – are not transferred to the school in cash, but in teaching materials, sports-equipment or reparations to the school building or the classrooms. The children’s tuition fees are paid directly to the school, in the presence of their parents. Clothes and books are purchased on a collective basis and delivered to the parents and the schools.

YPAH also takes care of the payments and supervision of contractors dealing with the sanitary facilities. Finally, the purchase of teaching materials for the schools is co- ordinated by YPAH. In this way S.K.I. can guarantee that the money is spent in the way that it is intended.

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