Stichting Kinderhulp Indonesië


"The Indonesian Children's Welfare Foundation (SKI) is committed to underprivileged children in desas around the city of Yogyakarta in Central Java."


"Do you feel involved in the socio-political situation of the population in indonese and would you like to donate?"

Execution of projects

In January 2004 we started our relief activities in three schools in the following months we've expanded that number to five. Now we have 432 schools with a total number of 63.742 students helped.

The relevant desas lie in the districts of Gunung Kidul, Sleman, Kulon Progo, Bantul and Magelang, all within a radius of about 60 km around Yogyakarta. (See the location of these districts of Yogyakarta on the map.)

Most are very dry areas, some located in mountainous area. The poverty there is generally high.

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